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January 2024

The Church in Heaven – Part 1

The Nauseating Church

Philadelphia – The Faithful Church

Sardis-The Dead Church

December 2023

Message for the New Year – Let’s Get Worship Straight

Immanuel – God With Names Mean Something

Gossip-Weapon of the Accuser

The Perspective of Christmas

Special Speaker-12/3/23

November 2023

The Church In Satan’s City

Embracing Change Series

December 2016

What Happens When There’s Sin In The Camp

November 2016

When Your Back Is Against The Wall

When Jesus Shows Up

First Things First

Memorials of Grace

October 2016

Let’s Roll

Expecting the Unexpected

People Get Ready

The Commission

September 2016

Claiming Your Territory

Believe Series


April 2016

Sharing Your Faith – part 2

Sharing Your Faith

Giving My Resources

March 2016

Offering My Time

Spiritual Gifts

“Spiritual Gifts” from Believe by Mark Dillow. Released: 2016.

February 2016

Biblical Community

Total Surrender

Single Mindedness

Bible Study

January 2016


Job “Tried and True Series”